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Jump rope with the piglets, plow with the donkeys, and fiddle with the goats at the BAA! OINK! MOO! How Do You Do? Farm.  Join your new farm friends. BAA! OINK! MOO! How Do You Do? is a unique children’s book that will delight babies, toddlers, and children of all ages. One special feature is the page where your family’s or child’s photo can be attached. How exciting to be part of the story! Emergent readers will delight in the rhythm of the repetitive text as they read along from beginning to end. Another of the unique features that will captivate the minds and hearts of adults and children alike are the very detailed, vibrant illustrations. Come to the How Do You Do Zoo today, and get ready for a COVID-FREE family adventure. All first editions purchased on this website will be signed by the author/illustrator upon request at the time of purchase.

BAA! OINK! MOO! How Do You Do?

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